Silas – 10 months

What a week! Our youngest little one started to get sick on Tuesday and by Thursday evening he was a VERY unhappy little boy. Fevers that wouldn’t quit and then a diagnosis of croup for the second freaking time in the first year of his life. Friday he seemed a bit better, then by Saturday he was barely drinking or eating anything and I was so worried. Then, I don’t know what happened but he caught a break about an hour after my husband got home from work that evening and seemed like a totally different kid for a bit. I broke down bawling to my husband and told him I was so worried because every time he got a fever I could feel his heart beating so fast through his chest. Which to most that might not sound like a big deal (I know it’s probably a total normal thing for your pulse rate to be higher when you have a fever). But as some of you know, when Silas was 3 weeks old he got very, very sick with a bladder infection. Long story short, we had taken him in to one doctor (who was not our own) because he had a fever and fast breathing when he was 2 weeks old and were told that everything was absolutely fine. Then when I finally couldn’t take it anymore we took him into the ER and I can still remember the nurse telling the on call Dr in the ER flatout, “You don’t even need to look at the monitor to know that his heart is beating out of his chest, you can feel it.” So needless to say, him being sick this past week triggered some terrifying memories that I could totally deal with forgetting. Worry got the best of me  and I was a nervous wreck the entire weekend until his fever finally broke lol. I’m pretty much ready to be 100% done with this cold and flu season.

Anyways, I decided to take a little bit of a photo op while I was trying to think of ANYTHING that might keep him happy. We’re closing in on the last couple of months before Silas turns 1 and there are so many emotions going through me knowing that this little guy is our last! I feel like the fact that I know he’s our last is definitely making me more appreciative to all of his milestones. I know I’m gonna be a little sad when he’s grown out of all the things that make him little.pinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimagepinimage

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