Happy Birthday Sweet Girl :)

A letter to my sweet girl,

This morning you officially wake up a 5 year old.  I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time! When I look at these pictures that we took of you yesterday I can’t believe how grown up you are.  When I think back to the day you were born I think of how crazy it is that I still remember every single detail about the day of your arrival.  I remember that moment of arriving at the hospital and being told that you were on your way.  I remember being so scared (terrified actually) that there was that chance that you might not make it.  You gave us so many scares leading up to the day of your birth that we were hoping and praying for the best but preparing for the worst.  I remember wondering what you would look like.  I don’t know why, but after countless doctor visits and “opinions” from medical professionals, I feel like part of me thought when you finally came into this world that you wouldn’t look the way you should.  I remember that beautiful moment when you were placed on my chest and I was so excited just to hear you cry.  I couldn’t believe how absolutely perfect you were, and your cry melted my heart the moment I heard it.  I looked at your dad who was right by my side and seen the tears in his eyes and knew his heart was just as full as mine was.  I remember walking into the special care nursery for the first time and seeing you in that little incubator and breaking down realizing just how lucky we were to have you here with us.  I remember how we seen your hair had a bit of a red tinge to it and we wondered if it would stay red or turn a different colour as you grew…though as you always say, “it’s not red mom, it’s orange” :P  As you’ve grown you’ve always held that extra special place in my heart.  You’re our fashionista of the family.  I love how you always care so much about how you look every single day (even though you’re only 5!).  Right now you adore pretty dresses, along with one necklace and one or two fancy bracelets.  I love the fact that you pair all of your details to match with your outfit, and how you ask me to just do the Elsa braid because it’s your favourite.  I love it when I walk in on you secretly dancing to music (you’ve got more moves than I could ever hope to have haha).  Your laugh is contagious and that look you get when you’re trying to hold in a smile makes my heart happy.  I adore the person that you’ve become so far and I could not imagine our lives without you today.  It makes me so sad sometimes to know how fast you’re growing up, but I am so excited to see the person you will grow to become.  Happy birthday my sweet girl:)

To read more about Harlow’s story click here:    http://www.cbarkerphotography.ca/2013/01/29/harlows-story/2016-01-28_0001pinimage2016-01-28_0002pinimage2016-01-28_0004pinimage2016-01-28_0006pinimage2016-01-28_0005pinimage2016-01-28_0007pinimage2016-01-28_0010pinimage2016-01-28_0009pinimage2016-01-28_0011pinimage2016-01-28_0012pinimage2016-01-28_0013pinimage

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